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Hello ! My name is Nesreen Butler (formally known as Nessi B.) I make all-natural handmade products for home, hair, body, and babies!I was born with a creative soul and a natural outgoing vibe. I was able to start creatively expressing myself  through my holistic nature and interest in concoctions. Starting Queen Kush products has allowed me to share my love, positive energy, enthusiasm, and healing abilities. I look forward to my journey with the  people I have to support me every step of the way.


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Sustainable woodworking. Turn wood otherwise wasted by rotting or burning wood, into usable items. Such as tables, chairs, usable lumber. Portable locations and custom sawmilling. Able to mill logs up to 21 feet long and 33 inch diameter into dimensional lumber up to 23 inches wide.


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Phillip Herring wants to live in a world where people enjoy my handmade jewelry and crafts.
As a craftsman, I've been spotlighted / featured / showcased / at pop up shops and art events in the Maryland D.C. and Virginia area. 
When I'm not creating handmade Jewelry, you can find me in Washington D.C. practice on my Photography Business CoffeeShopStudios301. 



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Where does beauty and nature meet? Bundled up in a variety of natural gems otherwise known as , Bijoux’s Basket! B.B. is an ethnobotanical hair and skin care line for men and women alike! From micellar toners to beard serums to loc & twist cremes, Bijoux has got you! See you at Brokechella!